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Sidra Jafri at TEDx Talk UK
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Writer - Researcher
Energy Healer - Conscious Consultant

Sidra’s fascination with human behaviour led her to observe and recognise the patterns in people’s actions. By establishing when the patterns were first created, Sidra was able to work with people to dissolve blocks and limitations which were affecting their health, wealth and relationships. This led her to start her career as a KEY Awakening Facilitator, where she focused on empowering her clients to understand anxiety and depression before they tried to heal it or fix it. Her thirst for knowing “why” certain things “happen” in our lives set in motion a 12 year research quest across 25 countries and 4 continents, Jafri collated over 180,000 behavioural case studies of men and women from all walks of life overcoming both collective and personal challenges in areas relating to wellbeing, career development and relationships.

Sidra Jafri

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Conscious Business

Conscious Business Lab

Creating Meaningful Businesses A happy home equals
a happy CEO.

Care Clinic

Where There is Pulse
There is Care

Cure any conflict with care.

Light CrossOver Unit

Building A Bridge of Care
Our Light Wing supports those who are witnessing the death of a loved one.


Discover Hidden Truths
Access Body Conscious, dissolve internal miscommunication.

Animal Ward

Because Every Body Matters Discover the power of light surgical tools on animals.

DSLS Contact Card

Spiritual Emergency Care Cases Make us your last call.
We care, that’s why we’re here.

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The Secret Formula For
A Loving Relationship


With the month of love upon us, we can take the time to evaluate the anticipation of cupid's arrow striking us or perhaps not. February as we all know is associated with the month of love… regardless of what energies lay behind the international day of love, let us take this moment to upgrade our language of love and feel grateful for the opportunity the month of love brings.

Is Your Invisible Boundary of Money Keeping You Stuck


Have you considered addressing the invisible money boundary you have placed on yourself?
If you have been questioning how to overcome these very limitations... Welcome to the world of energy!
For me life is like a bumper car! Just as these cars run on grids of electricity, we too are all connected by an invisible cord.
Read this article to dissolve that invisible cord and change tracks.

Go After The Things You Want, Rejection Isn’t Personal


In this week's article we explore the fundamental difference between failure and rejection and why you shouldn’t take the latter so personally.
Stop whatever you are doing and read this article. Many resolutions have been broken. Too many times have you pressed reset on your dreams, or moved the goal post to accommodate your fears, doubts or worries. It is time to become your own cheerleader. Go after the life you want!


The Awakening Journal

A pocket sized book packed with everything you need to start living an Awakened life. This fun size journal has been written for those who crave balance and alignment in mind, body, business and relationships. Use this book to infuse consciousness in all that you do, deliberately travel sized to assist you to awaken on the go.



Welcome to Soul Spa, an experiential retreat established in 2012 for entrepreneurs, thought leaders and seekers of a holistic lifestyle looking to journey into the world of science and energetics to satisfy that innate feeling that there is ‘more’. 

Each Soul Spa is specifically created for you to experience the deepest revels of awareness, acceptance, connection, expansion, transformation and manifestation.
The four days that you will experience are the most precious and have the potential to activate your true purpose.
In this space you will have access to the core foundations upon your personality is formed which is currently forming your experiences in this plane which you are aware of.
Each day brings a new wave of consciousness and each day we will immerse in specific facets of our lives as purposeful beings. 

By immersing yourself in the concepts and opinions present in this course, you will open up a doorway into your soul that will activate a remembrance experience in your body, mind, emotions and soul. By remembering your experiences from the past, present and future you can open your psyche and become aware of your foundational structure upon which your current consciousness is operational from….

And from there we work to set up the foundation of our desired life. We move forward towards bringing all parts of us into healing of old consciousness. From healing comes awareness, awareness expands consciousness.

It would be my honour to be your human spirit guide… Submit your application today to enter the spartans valley.

The Awakening 9 Principles For Finding The Courage To
Change Your Life

 Unlock the 9 Principles and the omnipotent tool derived from 18000 hours of research in the field of human behaviour, wellbeing and financial success. Upgrade any aspect of your life with over 40+ Daily practices and various case studies to inspire you on your personal journey.

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